Welcome to our new abode!!!

We wanted to reassure those of you who still follow us that we are most definitely active. But as you can see, the site is still incomplete and pretty barren, so I have to ask you to excuse our appearance. Not all the links are uploaded yet either, but for now, you can see what projects we are currently working on and have not dropped. Our priority is wrapping up older projects, so you can expect to see some long-awaited chapters from Ameiro Paradox and Mukidashi no Koi in the very near future. Chapters from exciting new projects like Star Right and Getsuei (also known as Tsukikage) will be ready fairly soon as well. In the meantime, I’ll focus on uploading more content, so be sure to check back in the following weeks to watch our awesome development.

It’s late here, so I’ll be going. There are things I wanted to explain regarding our projects, so I’ll follow up with another post later this week. Thank you for your patience! I will see you soon~


  1. whoo hoo!
    *throws more confetti*

    I’m so glad to see you!
    *breaks out the bubbly and munchies for everyone*

    • *grabs the bubbly, starts drinking straight from the bottle… ends up dancing on the table with a lamp shade on her head*

      …Yeah, I’m just THAT excited. ;D

  2. it’s good to see you back, guys! And thank you for the great news regarding Ameiro Paradox and Mukidashi no Koi! Can’t wait. ^_^

  3. *Throws confetti and streamers* Congratulations on your new budding site! I know it will come together well because you are all so awesome! I am so glad to follow you here, too. Thank you for continuing on! *hugs*

  4. Congratulations for your new place of wonders!!! It’s so good to have you back, guys! I missed you sooo much!!!

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