Yes, I’m back so soon, but it’s not because of a new release. In my rush to get Mukidashi no Koi ch. 3 out to you guys earlier this week, I didn’t check all the facts and committed a huge offense. I ended up not giving proper credit where it was due – which is a big no-no in our world. The one who provided these high-quality raws was none other than Jacey. Her contribution has helped us tremendously with not only this project but many others as well. And on top of that, it was not easy working with people as anal as us xP so she deserves our gratitude and my apology even more. I will do my best to not make any more mistakes like this in the future.

I have re-uploaded all links on our website with the correct file. I’m also attaching the actual CORRECT credit page here for everybody’s convenience. Some of us don’t pay much attention to the credit pages – I sometimes skip past them myself – but the credit pages do mean a lot to those who gave their time and care to bring about these releases. So I would like to ask a favor of you all to save and replace the correct credit page with what you previously downloaded. Thank you.

  1. Well, I got it very late, so I must have the updated version. I cannot agree more about the importance of giving proper credits to the hard workers. Although they all worked on it just because they liked it, it still is not fair to show them how thankful we are equally. Thank you for your careful explanation and update. You’ve worked hard too~

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