Hello, all! Gray here, hijacking the site to make this release while Teetee is away. For future reference, you can most likely identify any posts that might be made by me by the painful puns and abundant alliteration. (Yeah, sorry about that! …Tee will so never let me do this again…)

Right, the fourth release…! No, your eyes do not deceive you. The Aoi Levin projects are back on the agenda! We’d originally planned to drop them, but a freelance cleaner kindly stepped up and offered to help us finish them off. (Thanks, Jukebox!) Remember, if you want to see something completed — or completed faster, you can always volunteer to help us out.

First, we have a revised version of Chiisana Hoshi no Oujisama o chapter 2. When GG Scans originally released it, there were a few hiccups with the translation and the page order. We’ve spruced it up a bit so that it should make for a better reading experience for everyone.

And moving on from there, we have a new release for you — Chiisana Hoshi no Oujisama o chapter 3!

    Chiisana Hoshi no Oujisama o Chapter 2 (Revised Version):
    Mega // Box

    Chiisana Hoshi no Oujisama o Chapter 3:
    Mega // Box

Download, enjoy, and stay tuned! We’ll have more for you soon…

  1. Thanks for the release and for Jukebox for offering to help see this series completed! Since it’s been a while, I’ll be going back to reread your chapter 2 version to figure out what’s going on ^_^

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