Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a bit of spookiness and thriller. That’s why we have Kokushi no Shima ch. 9 for you! We left you off right when Shikibu discovers the true origin of the island’s mysterious deity. With that discovery, he finally gets a glimpse into why the strange islanders behave the way they do.

Vol. 1 chapters 1-4: Mediafire
Vol. 2 chapters 5-8: Box / Mega
Vol. 2 chapter 9: Box / Mega

I found tons of mistakes in the previous chapters. Mostly because many things that were once confusing are now clear to us as we progressed through the story. I’ve re-uploaded everything with the corrections. I hope this improves your understanding and reading experience!

    • Oh, so you guys are the revived GGS! I only read the FAQ after making the previous comment, feeling weird about that right now ^_^

      In that case: welcome back, and thanks very much for reviving Kokushi no Shima! Also looking forward to Ayakari Zoushi, Hanasaki Doori, Kimi ni Yoseru and Saka no Ue~

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