Finally, finally here. What we’ve all been waiting desperately for more than a year for (or maybe it was just me)…
Ameiro Paradox v.3 ch. 3 and Volumes 1&2 REPACKAGED EDITION!!!

Okay, maybe the news wasn’t all that exciting for you since chapter 3 was released by another group a while ago. But hey, you can look at Onoe’s earnest, cute awkwardness a thousand times over without ever getting bored. So read it! I promise our version is not so bad ;D

Vols. 1 & 2: Mediafire
Vol. 3 chapters 1-2: Box / Mega
Vol. 3 chapter 3: Box / Mega

As for what’s different about vols. 1-2, I made a few corrections to the translation. I also renamed the chapters to follow the tankoubon (’cause if you remember, it was a real headache that time when we were switching back and forth between the magazine and book scans). And as many suggested, I inserted the little side extras into the appropriate volume where they fit into the story timeline. The die-hard fans might notice that not all of the side extras are uploaded. That’s because those extras either don’t directly mention anything from the main story or are a part of volume 3. So no worries, you’ll see them again. Until then, stay safe and healthy~

  1. Thanks so much for the release! I’m glad you guys pick up where you last left off instead of going by what’s out. You’re all doing an excellent job, thank you!

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