Just dropping a quick note to let everyone know that we’re still out here and working on things. We’ve been quiet for a little while due to, you know, life, but we’re still getting work done behind the scenes. We should have a couple of chapters ready for you very soon. Thanks for your patience!

  1. Oh, thank God! I was starting to worry about you guys D: I’m happy to know that you’re doing okay!
    By the way, I will be waiting for the releases :)
    Thanks for the hard work!!

  2. Thanks for the update. Glad to year you are still working on things. Yes, life has a way of derailing even the best of intentions… : )

  3. We greatly appreciate the effort you guys put into translating projects! I think about it sometimes, everyone’s so busy with their lives, there’s always issues that require immediate attention, or situations that delve into bigger messes that must be dealt with, so the fact that you guys are still up and running, scrambling to get those chapters to us, AAAAAAHHH IT JUST MEANS SO MUCH TO ME OKAY


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