After our week off, we’re back with a juicy chapter for you to sink your teeth into: Ameiro Paradox Volume 3 Chapter 5! Big thanks to Clovis for all her work on this rather lengthy chapter and to Rei for the copious amounts of hand-holding (she knows what I mean)! ;D

This is the last full-length chapter of the volume. We’ll have the extras ready for you soon. And once this volume is knocked out… perhaps the return of another Natsume project…? Hmm…

Lots of things happening behind the scenes, and we’re working to increase our release frequency and get back to some projects that have been collecting dust for a little while now. A Japanese translator and a typesetter or two would greatly help us to achieve those goals! And if anyone out there is interested in typesetting but has no experience: yes, we can train!

Also… If any of you kind folks emailed us recently about joining or assisting on projects (or anything else for that matter) and didn’t get a response: We apologize, and please try again! We had some email-related troubles for a little while, but we think we’re getting that worked out now.

Ameiro Paradox Drop Chapter 5: LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE

  1. Thank you soooooooo much for the hard work!!!! I just saw a little spoiler of the next volume and oooooooooh my fucking gooooooooood!!!!!!!!! hahaha i cant wait to read it transtated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the release, I’m glad to see you guys back up and running again. I’m excited about the frequency in releases, but that’s probably not surprising to learn from your readers, lol.

    • Heh. We’re all voracious consumers of scanlations ourselves, so we know exactly how frustrating waiting can be. 😛

  3. Thank you for the release!! And “perhaps the return of another Natsume project…?”, I’m so so happy to hear that, thank you! You guys are the best :)

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