And here’s Mayoke no Darling Chapter 5! This one is a cute oneshot about what happens when a guy who doesn’t know what to do with dogs meets another guy who’s rather like an overgrown puppy. This is the last full chapter, but there’s still a short extra to complete the volume. We should be able to have that for you pretty soon.

Thanks again to Kana from AmaiChudoku Fansub for the fantastic typesetting job!

We have a lot of work underway, but we’re going to need some help in order to keep cranking chapters out. We could really use another typesetter. If you’re interested in typesetting with us but have no experience — we can train! We’re also badly in need of translators!

We’ll gladly work with freelance translators if you’re tempted by any of our projects. We already have all the people we need for the Natsume BL projects for now — those are the only ones anyone ever offers to help with! D: Surely someone out there must be interested in He is Beautiful, Star Right, or Getsuei…??

See you again soon — if not next week, then the following week for sure!

Mayoke no Darling Chapter 5: MediaFire

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