Bet you all weren’t expecting to see more Ameiro so soon, eh? This is a collection of various bonus papers that came with special purchases and so forth. A few of these are Ameiro x Heart no Kakurega crossovers. Those should serve as an appetizer for the upcoming return of HnK!

Besides Heart no Kakurega, you’ll be seeing at least two more projects make their reappearance over the next month or so. Gee, which ones could they be…?? ;D

Ameiro Paradox Bonus Papers: MediaFire / Box

  1. OMG!! thankyou soooo much!!! I wanst expecting an update so soon!!! I love you guys!!! I been waiting for this series to continiu like for a year and then I read about you on tumbler but even then it took you a while to post anything, but it was worth the wait! thankyou sooo much!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the release! I love the crossover bonuses. Ironically enough, HnK is probably the only work of hers I don’t really read/care for, but I still enjoy the shared universe aspect. Looking forward to the releases you have upcoming!

    I’m always happy to read everything about Ameiro Paradox, i love this manga!! and i love you guys for your hard work to share this with us!! Thank you again!!

  4. Yep, definitely been missing a lot of releases… Wonder how to get notified when there is a release.. I’ll try coming by more often. Thank you so much for your hard work!!

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