Apologies for the lack of release last weekend. It wasn’t due to lack of materials, but to technical difficulties. By which I mean my internet was out. *headdesk* But we have a release today with some bonus bits and plenty more in the pipeline!

Making a comeback this week: Realist ni Yoru Romanticism! Chapters 1 and 2 were originally released by GGScans. We’ve made a few improvements to the translation and appearance, so we recommend downloading/reading these repackaged versions to refresh your memory of the story so far. Chapter 3 is all new from Nexus.

We’re getting lots of work done super fast — but we have a number of chapters getting backed up at the typesetting stage. So one more dedicated typesetter would really help us out! Remember, we can train!

Next week: The return of another long-neglected series. Stay tuned!

Realist ni Yoru Romanticism:

Chapter 1 (repackaged GGScans release): MediaFire
Chapter 2 (repackaged GGScans release): MediaFire
Chapter 3 (new!): MediaFire

  1. Thank you so much for these new goodies!!! Yay!!!! I am so happy that your up and running again and things are going more smoothly for you. I look forward to the releases you have in store for us next week! Again, Thank you so much!!! *hugs*

    • Not picking it up — just finally able to get back to it at long last! A number of our older projects will be making a reappearance soon…

    • Nope, definitely not dropped! It’s just taken us a while to get reorganized and up to speed again. A number of our older projects will be making a reappearance in the near future…

  2. Ah, nice to see you guys back again, thanks so much for the release! I’m glad to see this was one of the works you decided to continue, you can never go wrong with Keiko Kinoshita. I look forward to seeing your future releases, stay well!

  3. Oh My! Than you so very much for this project, gys! I was really waiting for an update of this one, especially! I absolutely love Kinoshita Keiko’s work! She is amaizing. Hope to see the rest of it soon. ^_^

  4. Hello! I just started reading this manga and I fell in love with it! It made my kokoro happy! ^^ Thank you so much for working on this! Love you guys!! <3

  5. Nooooo!! I didn’t get notified with this new release!! I’m soooo glad I’ve drop by to check.. Thank you so much for the release!!! <3

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