Yep, it’s Realist ni Yoru Romanticism Chapter 4! Moving right along. ;D

Once again, we’ve got lots of work underway, but if we’re going to keep up the pace, we could really use a hand or two! We’re especially in need of another typesetter. No experience? No problem! We can train — all you need is the desire and the free time to help out.

We could also use an English geek who spends a good portion of their waking hours attached to the internet. By which I mean I’d really like to have someone I can randomly poke and say, “This chapter needs a final look-over for typos and things that don’t sound quite right before we release it three days from now; are you on it?” or, “Ack, I can’t decide how to phrase this best in English; help!” I.e. no huge time investment involved, but quick response needed.

More surprises and good stuff coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Realist ni Yoru Romanticism Chapter 4: MediaFire / Box

  1. thank you so much! wish I could help for proofreading, but… I don’t fit the description of being available quickly cuz of fulltime work =[

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