Here’s the Mayoke no Darling Extra! And with that, this project can be moved to the “completed” stack. *\o/* It’s been a long road getting this one to the finish line, and we’re so thrilled to see it all put together at last.

Big thanks again to Kana from Amai Chudoku Fansub for the awesome typesetting job!

Well, folks, we have some fantastic (and fast!) translators on board, but now they’re getting way ahead of the cleaners and typesetters! In other words, we could use another dedicated cleaner and/or typesetter around the place. And of course, we can train! Shoot us an email if you’re interested in developing some cool skillz and helping us get work done faster.

What’s the verdict? Should we consider doing more Okuyama Puka in the future? Yes? No? Maybe?

Mayoke no Darling Extra: MediaFire / Box

  1. Yes please. Though I don’t think she has written anything recently.

    I’m quite happy to see that the completed projects are steadily increasing. Great job folks!

    • She has an ongoing series: Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! It’s not BL, but still great. THough Megchan’s Scans is doing that one. And Hiyokko Ouji-sama hasn’t been scanned yet and isn’t licensed.

  2. Thank you for completing this work; thanks for all your hard work. I’d love to see the rest another Okuyama Puku work,”Koi no Mimi Yori Chuuihou,” completed.

  3. Thank you very much! I’d love to read more Okuyama Puku, Hiyokko Ouji-sama looks nice, I bet she can make those characters cute, funny and likable as always ^^

  4. i read the first chapter of this manga 3 years ago and i fell in love w it immediately, but then i realized the chapters werent being translated. i thought no one would ever complete it. thank u so much for the hard work and finishing this adorable work! :3

    • It took us a while to get back to it and finish it off, what with the move and all, but we never forgot about it! Okuyama Puku! ♥

  5. thank you!! yay for another completed one, congrats! and… I’m totally down for any yaoi you wanna scanlate… I won’t be picky, I’m just happy to be able to read as much as I get to, thanks to scanlations!!

  6. Aww, thanks for all you hard work on this one, it was really cute
    And yes, I would love to see more of Okuyama Puku’s works over here

  7. Thank you sooo much!! I loved this!
    And yes please, more Okuyama Puku (though I’m not really into anything other than BL) 😀

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