It’s 801 according to the U.S. dating system. And since we’re an international team, that means it’s the perfect day for a little something extra. So, here’s the Ameiro Paradox Drama CD 3 Petite Comic! Surprise?? ;D

Folks, please remember: you’re welcome to use our translations to retranslate into another language, but editing over our released pages instead of doing your own scanning/cleaning is just lazy and rude. The scanner of this comic in particular has asked that no one use her scans without permission. Please don’t steal them!

That having been said… enjoy!

Ameiro Paradox Drama CD 3 Petite Comic: MediaFire / Box

  1. Thanks so much for the release! Sorry to hear that you guys are dealing with crappy behavior from other groups that continue to use your scans without permission. It seems to be a problem many other groups are dealing with, too.

    • Ah, well, you know. You put something out on the internet, people are going to do whatever they want with it. But a lot of folks out there have no idea how much time and work goes into cleaning a chapter really well, nor do they have much respect for the time and money that some scanners invest in finding, buying, and reproducing more obscure things. I’m not too bothered about what happens to my own work after it’s released, but it sucks when we (not just this group, but scanlation in general) lose cleaners and scanners because of this kind of thing.

      Anyway, thanks, and you’re welcome! ;D

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