Holy cow! It’s Kachou Fuugetsu Chapter 20!

PLEASE NOTE: Canis Major Scanlations has been working on this title for quite some time, and Nexus IS NOT TAKING IT OVER at present.

Most of the people who’ve been working on Kachou with Canis Major all along are members of Nexus. We’ve actually had this chapter finished for quite a while, but Ika, the head honcho over at Canis, has had things going on in her life that have prevented her from packing it up and releasing it. So we’re giving it a little push over here instead.

Those of us working on Kachou intend to continue doing so through Canis Major, so think of this joint Nexus release as a special one-time deal for now. And FYI to all and sundry: we do have quite a bit more work done beyond this chapter already, and you should be seeing more of it soon.

We’ll be getting back to our usual projects — including some Natsume and a couple more “comeback” projects next.

Kachou Fuugetsu Chapter 20: MediaFire / Box

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