UPDATE TO THE PREVIOUS NOTE: For those who missed the announcement at Canis Major’s site — Nexus is now officially taking over Kachou Fuugetsu! *\o/*

Therefore, here’s Kachou Fuugetsu Chapter 21 Part 1! (Chapter 21 is quite literally as long as any two other chapters, and it divides nicely down the middle, so we’re splitting it into two releases. Don’t worry; you’ll be seeing the rest very soon…)

Upon moving this project from Canis Major to Nexus, we’d like to assure everyone of two things:

First, that although Kachou is relocating, the same core group of people will still be doing the work on it. You can expect the same level of quality and care put into each chapter as always.

Second, that although this is an additional project for Nexus, it won’t slow down our work on our other projects. As we’ve said, those of us working on Kachou were already doing so previously; it was simply being QCed and released through another group.

And, on that note, keep your eye out tomorrow for another release, and enjoy your weekend!

Kachou Fuugetsu Chapter 21a: MediaFire

  1. Thank you for continuing to work on KF! I hope I’m not starting any drama by saying this, but I prefer your scanlations over the other group that’s working on it mainly due to their methods of uncensoring. IMO, they take too much of a hands-on approach when re-drawing and it’s noticeable, too. I can always tell it’s their group and their artist because the *ahem* penises they draw always end up looking the same (across all manga they work on) and it’s almost always a departure from the manga-ka’s art. I don’t want to continue to harp on their re-drawing methods, but Yuki Shimizu is a manga-ka’s whose work I hold dear and it’s jarring to see the way they’ve re-drawn some of the sex scenes. I kind of did a page by page comparison with yours, theirs, and the raws, and I absolutely prefer the methods you’ve all taken, so please keep up the great work!

    • You’re very welcome! And thank you for your kind words!

      Ah, it sounds like you and I think along similar lines regarding the “to uncensor or not to uncensor” question. I’m all in favor of uncensoring — when it’s like any other redraw. That is, when the censoring is minor enough that you can tell relatively easily what the original art looked like and reproduce it faithfully, go for it! Cleaners shouldn’t be getting too creative and inventing art when they can’t tell what was there in the first place, whether it’s a penis or a picnic table. 😉

      What’s “important” when you’re scanlating or what makes a scanlation “good” is a matter of personal philosophy and taste. There’s no need to get into a tl;dr essay about my own opinions here. Although most people don’t know a lot about the inner workings of scanlation and probably won’t spot the fine details, I assume they’re still perfectly capable of making comparisons and deciding what they like or don’t like. We’ll keep putting out work that suits our philosophy, and the people who like it will read it. :)

      Don’t worry; we don’t intend to stop working on Kachou any time soon. We already have quite a lot of work done on the next few chapters and are thrilled to finally be rolling some of it out again. We’re pretty obsessed with the series. 😉

      Shimizu! ♥

      So are you a ZE fan also, then…?

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