And we’re back with our second release of the weekend: the Ameiro Paradox Cheri+ Premium Booklet Comic!

Fellow scanlators, please remember this basic rule of etiquette: You’re welcome to use our translations to retranslate into another language, but editing over our released pages makes you both lazy and rude. The scanner of this comic in particular has asked that her scans not be used without her permission. Please don’t steal!

Next week, assuming all goes well, you can expect to see another double release, including a comeback project. 😀

Ameiro Paradox Cheri+ Premium Booklet Comic: MediaFire / Box

  1. Hello! Just found out that you are active! I was following you on livejournal but it seems you stopped announcing your releases there…
    I want to thank you for all of your work!

    • The person with access to the old GG accounts hasn’t been able to be around much lately. Sorry about that. Well, we’ve been active at this site for well over a year now (first release here as Nexus rather than GG: June 26, 2016, wow!!), so I guess it’s about time we moved out of our parents’ house. 😉

      You’re welcome! We’ll do our best to keep it coming…

  2. Thanks so much for your continued work on bringing us these extras to Amber Paradox. They’re seriously my favorite Isaku Natsume couple and I love reading about them. I’m still a little sad that she’s taking a bit of a hiatus with this series, but I look forward to when she gets back to them. Thanks again to everyone who worked on this release!

  3. Thank you so much for your recent releases, especially Ameiro Paradox. This was a great surprise to kick off the holiday weekend! Thanks again!!

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