Mid-week release! Surprise??

This time it’s Haru no Nioi Chapter 2!

Enormous thanks to Clovis for her work on cleaning some pretty messy scans for this chapter and to Hiro for taking on this typesetting job even though she’s not usually a typesetter! ♥ ♥

We’ve revised and repackaged GGScans’ Chapter 1 for re-release as well. Grab this version for a nicer read of this sweet little story.

See you again this weekend!

Haru no Nioi Chapter 1: MediaFire / Box (revised GGScans release)
Haru no Nioi Chapter 2: MediaFire / Box *NEW*

    • Well, that blows.

      Renta is a total racket. They’re raking in loads of money for letting you look at mediocre translations that they’ve outsourced while the mangaka get peanuts. FYI.

      Guess we’ll be discontinuing this, but we’ll keep the stories that we’ve done so far up for the time being.

      • According to Renta!, a percentage goes to the publisher & the amount that goes to the mangaka depends on their contract with that publisher. But at least that way, the industry is still be supported, if not the author. As for the quality, it’s no worse than DMP. I have titles from them that have whole speech bubbles missing or duplicated. But it isn’t like anyone is being forced to buy/rent the licensed releases. To each their own.

        • You know, we always talk about “supporting the industry” as though The Industry is some sort of unified thing. The reality is that the industry is made up of a vast array of entities and individuals with a whole range of practices, ideals, goals, etc. Some of those entities and individuals are more deserving of support than others.

          “No worse than DMP” is pretty damning. DMP’s quality is absolutely abysmal. Everything about DMP is abysmal. Some of the worst business practices I’ve ever seen anywhere. Full stop.

          Rather than “supporting the industry,” we should perhaps shift our focus to “supporting the artists.” The problem then lies in trying to parse out what actually are the best ways in which to do that. For those of us who live in remote places and/or are unable to read/write Japanese, it’s not so simple.

          To be clear: I’m not in any way suggesting that spending money on “the industry” isn’t a good and important thing. Trust me, the industry gets quite a sizeable chunk of money from me on a regular basis. What I’m saying is that, because the industry isn’t the unified entity we make it out to be, WHERE we choose to spend our money — WHAT PART of the industry we choose to give our money to — matters. If a corner of the industry profits by exploiting artists, is it still something to be supported?

          I’m keeping this very general and stopping here before I end up writing an entire thesis. By all means, buy what you like, read what you like, spend your money where you want. Just be aware that not all purchases “support the industry” and “support the artists” equally or in the same ways. The industry is complex, varied, and sometimes downright nasty.

  1. Thank you very much for the releases! Oh gawd that sucks about it being licensed! That’s just too damn bad ~ oh well thanks again…You guys are still wonderful so I’ll look forward to what’s next!!! : )

  2. Thank you very much! ^^
    Btw, I’m not supporting Renta nor will any time soon. If they turn into “regular” publisher (meaning what I buy I can have/keep) then I’ll reconsider, meanwhile I wish people stop promoting and supporting them and their modus operandi since is completely wrong.
    If people want to help authors, they should buy when they release DJ’s since that’s the money go straight to mangaka’s pocket :(
    I don’t understand this “support industry” chant, “industry” should be serving us and mangaka, not vice versa O_o

    • “I don’t understand this “support industry” chant, “industry” should be serving us and mangaka, not vice versa O_o”

      No kidding…

      “Support the industry” makes sense to a certain point. If the industry doesn’t make money, the industry ceases to exist, the mangaka are out of work, and we are out of manga to read. This is true on the most fundamental level.

      However, “the industry” is a complex critter with a lot of different components — including some components that might be a bit more parasitic than others… The chant really ought to be “support the parts of the industry that treat the artists, the art, and the consumers relatively well and starve the elements that exploit, thus forcing better conditions all around,” but… that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it somehow… ;P

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