Back again, this time with the Kachou Fuugetsu Volume 3 Limited Edition Booklet! This is the bonus booklet that came with the first edition run of volume 3. It’s a little extra bit of Shimizu doing one of the things Shimizu does best — using sexy humor to reveal something poignant about her characters.

In case anyone missed it, we had a big re-launch of Heart no Kakurega earlier in the week and did a little Scanlation 101 that contained some info about Ameiro Paradox yesterday. Lots of good things on the way!

…But if we’re going to keep the chapters coming, we’re going to need some assistance! We need typesetters and (especially!) cleaners. No experience? No problem! If you have the interest and the dedication, we have the training. We’d also be happy to work with freelancers. A good, fast typesetter who’d like to work on Kachou is near the top of our wish list!

Kachou Fuugetsu Volume 3 Limited Edition Booklet: MediaFire / Box

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