It’s more Heart no Kakurega — chapter 18 and the end-of-volume extra!

This wraps up volume 3. We’ll be continuing on to volume 4 soon — but first, expect to see another comeback in the very near future! More Kachou Fuugetsu on the way as well, plus some sheer insanity from Shoowa…

If we’re going to keep things coming at a decent pace, however, we’re going to need some cleaners! Remember: we can train! All you need is a computer that can handle Photoshop, a good chunk of spare time on your hands, and the desire to learn some new skills. Drop us an email, and we’ll get you started!

Heart no Kakurega Chapter 18: MediaFire / Box

Heart no Kakurega Volume 3 Extra: MediaFire / Box

  1. Thank you very much for your continued hard work on this wonderful series and completing the 3rd vol., I’m really happy to read!!

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