It’s a mini release today: the Kachou Fuugetsu Volume 3 ComiComi Limited Extra AKA Chapter 11.5!

Don’t worry; we have the next full-length chapter of Kachou coming soon. This is just a little between-meals snack. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Please note: You’re welcome to use our translations to re-translate into another language, but please don’t edit over our released pages. The scanner of this extra in particular has asked that their scans not be used without permission.

Folks! We’re picking up speed again, and we’re close to wrapping up some old projects and starting some brand new things. But we still very much need another cleaner or two if we’re going to keep things moving. No experience? No problem! We can train! Just drop us an email, and we’ll get you started.

Enjoy the snack, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for another comeback release. What could it be this time…?? ;D

Kachou Fuugetsu Volume 3 ComiComi Limited Extra/Chapter 11.5: MediaFire / Box

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