It’s Getsuei Chapter 4! Those who enjoyed the insanity of chapter 2 should get a kick out of this one as well. Vampire-hunting, bubble-butted cowboys and the detectives and werewolves who love them. Seriously. I couldn’t make that up. But Shoowa did…

Only one more chapter to finish out this utterly bizarre collection, and we should have that to you soon. *\o/*

…But we could really use a few more hands in order to boost our release rate a bit. We’d especially love to have a new cleaner or two on board. (Remember: We can train!) Alternately, the cleaners who are already here would be happy to team up with a dust eraser. Do you have some free time on your hands and want to help out with something easy? Are you the sort of person who likes tasks that keep your hands busy while letting your mind wander? Drop us an email, and we’ll get you started!

Getsuei Chapter 4: MediaFire / Box

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