This time it’s Kiss wa Dolce no Ato de Chapter 4 + Extra! Chapter 4 is a side story that shows us what another couple in the restaurant was getting up to during the events of chapter 3, then the extra gives us one final look at our main pair. And with this, the project is complete! *throws confetti*

We’re still on track to finish off two more projects by the end of the year as well as hand out a couple of bonus goodies around the holidays. But, folks, we’re very short on staff — especially cleaners! — and we’ll definitely be slowing down going into the new year if we can’t boost our ranks a bit. We know this is a hectic time of year for everyone, what with end-of-semester insanity and holiday madness. Just keep us in mind while you take your exams and stuff your turkeys, and when the dust settles, come join us!

Kiss wa Dolce no Ato de Chapter 4: MediaFire / Box
Kiss wa Dolce no Ato de Extra: MediaFire / Box

  1. Thank you and congrats on completing another project!! I really wish I could help you guys but srsly I can barely survive through my life these days—things have been sooo busy. TTATT So hope you get some new recruits soon! And thank you so much for your hard work ~♡

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