As promised, we wrapped up Kiss wa Dolce no Ato de last week, so now we’re back with Kimi ni Yoseru Blue Chapter 5! This one is short and subtle. There’s a lot going on in relatively few pages and words here.

One more chapter will wrap up this volume! We’re still on course for finishing off both this project and another by the end of the month as well as handing out a bonus Christmas gift. And then we plan to have something exciting for New Year’s. Lots of good things coming up, so keep watching…

And as we noted last time — we’re very short on staff and will definitely need to increase our numbers a bit if we’re going to keep up the pace into the new year. We know this is a hectic time of year for everyone, what with end-of-semester insanity and holiday madness. Just keep us in mind while you take your exams and stuff your turkeys, and when the dust settles, come join us! Remember: we can train cleaners, dusters, and typesetters.

KImi ni Yoseru Blue Chapter 5: MediaFire / Box

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