We discovered something recently that made us realize there was one project that we absolutely had to bring out today: Kachou Fuugetsu! So this is a collection of extra papers for volumes 1-4. We also happened to get our hands on a couple of Ze extra papers that we’re pretty sure haven’t been scanlated yet, so here they are as well: the Dear+ May 2011 2-page extra and the extra paper for Kami no Hon.

Now for the explanation…

December 25, 2014 — three years ago today — was the day that Canis Major Scans released the first chapter of Kachou Fuugetsu that Gwendelp, JerBoa, Rei, and I worked on together. Rei is currently on hiatus from scanlation, but otherwise, we’re still the same core group of people slaving away on this project three years later. We met with some delays for a while due to… well, the usual kinds of things that cause delays in the scanlation world. But we still love the series, and we’re slowly but steadily working our way toward catching up on it.

So, happy Kachou anniversary to us, and happy holidays to all who are celebrating!


Before we sign off, a quick reminder that you can keep an eye on our Google+ community for additional news about our progress and hints about what we have coming up. Now… enjoy the goodies!

Kachou Fuugetsu Volumes 1-4 Extra Papers: MediaFire

Ze Extra Papers: MediaFire

  1. Thanks! Happy anniversary and holidays!
    And three cheers for HQ Shimizu Yuki releases (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

    And also thanks for all the other stuff I missed when I was MIA (☞゚∀゚)☞

  2. You guys are an amazing group, thanks so much for bringing us more KF and of course, my favorite – ZE! Her works hold a special place for me, too, so thank you for all you’ve done with her projects. I hope y’all had a Merry Christmas and thank you for thinking of us readers over the holidays!

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