The holidays have passed and a new year is officially upon us, so we thought it was time for a short statement about the present state of things at Nexus and what everyone can expect to see from us in the coming weeks and months.

In 2017 we wrapped up eight projects. All of those came over from GGScans with us, and some of them had been in progress and/or collecting dust for quite some time. We spent December finishing off three that were originally started in 2014 and 2015! Now that those are all tied up with a bow, we’ll be turning our attention back to some old favorites.

Our top priorities going into the new year will be finishing Heart no Kakurega and He is Beautiful, catching up on Ameiro Paradox, and forging ahead with Kachou Fuugetsu. All of these will be making (re)appearances within the next month or two, and we anticipate rolling them all out pretty steadily from that point on.

We also hope to move fairly quickly on Itsumo Ouji-sama ga and one other all-new project that will be debuting in the near future. Other projects that we already have underway will, of course, continue to pop up as well. And it looks like we’ll finally be able to get back to Star Right soon!

However! If we’re going to accomplish all that, we’re going to need more staff on board. No joke, folks! We were able to wrap up several projects and have bonus holiday releases over the last couple of months due to a very small handful of very dedicated people working their tails off. We can’t keep up that pace much longer without some assistance. So if we’re going to make quick progress on those above mentioned projects, we’re going to need a hand — or several!

We’re desperately in need of dedicated cleaners. Or, if you want to start with something simpler, our current cleaners would be happy to team up with a dust eraser. We’re also very much in need of a couple more serious typesetters. And we could really use another translator or two. We also welcome freelancers if there’s a particular series you’d like to help us complete.

No experience is no problem! Remember, we can train cleaners, dusters, and typesetters. Not having Photoshop is not a problem! We can show you where to download it for free. We just need dedicated, detail-oriented people with some free time on their hands who want to contribute to producing high quality work the whole team can be proud to release. Just bring your (virtual) bodies, and we’ll provide the rest!

Before we sign off, here’s one more reminder that we maintain a Google+ community. In the event that something ever goes wrong with the website here, it’ll serve as the backup place for news and info. In addition to that, though, we also tend to randomly drop status reports about how our work is progressing and hints about what’s coming up, so you may find it worth following.

And that’s all for the State of the Nexus Address! We hope your holidays were happy and 2018 will be good to you. Stick with us in the new year, and we’ll keep bringing you good things!

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! <3 ^^
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into the projects, I really appreciate it!
    Though I cant help you with the translation I hope you could find someone soon.
    I am looking forward to the new releases in the future and I wish you guys all the best!! <3 <3
    *sending virtual hugs*

  2. You guys were so productive and amazing for completing some of the other projects from GGS. Congrats on putting those projects to rest and thank you for everyone who worked so hard to bring these manga to completion. I look forward to seeing more of Ameiro Paradox, KF, and of course Star Right!! More than anything, I’m glad you guys plan on staying around, so here’s to another great new year and thank you once again for bringing us more BL.

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