Is this what everyone was expecting/hoping we’d release today?? It’s the return of Ameiro Paradox — the first chapter of Volume 4, AKA Drop 6!

Huge thanks to atlibby for scanning this volume for us, and also to Hiro, Clovis, and chili for making quick work of this first chapter when the scans arrived! Work is already progressing on the next chapters, so we hope to be able to keep rolling this project out pretty steadily.

Natsume fans, you’ll be seeing more of her work here very soon…


  1. OMG!!! you have NO idea how long Iยดve been waiting for this!!! I check you page at least every two days for updates!!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for continuing to scan this project guys! And special thanks to atlibby, Hiro, Clovis, and chili for the hard work they put into this chapter.

  3. Whoo hoo!! Yes yes yes!! Thank you so much for this! I love anything by this mangaka, and I’m so happy you’re bringing this to us!

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