Happy Valentine’s Day! Instead of chocolates, we’re offering up a Natsume Isaku Valentine’s Assortment — a package of extra material from Ameiro Paradox and Heart no Kakurega!

Included in this box of tasty goodies:
– Ameiro Paradox Dear+ 2011 Booklet Extra
– Ameiro Paradox Volume 4 Extra Paper
– Ameiro Paradox Volume 4 E-book Extra
– Ameiro Paradox Volume 4 Amazon Extra
– Heart no Kakurega Lover+ Booklet Extra
– Heart no Kakurega Dear+ 15 Years Sugar Booklet Extra

One or two of these were previously done by GGScans when they first appeared in magazines, but since we had nicer scans and could do a prettier job on them now, we thought we’d go ahead and put out some updated versions. Most of this material, though, is new.

Special thanks to atlibby for all the scans, and to everyone who pitched in over the last few days so that we could finish the most recent acquisitions in time to add them to this release!

Please note: our scan provider requests that their scans not be used without their permission. So this is a friendly reminder to our fellow scanlators that you’re welcome to use our releases to retranslate into another language, but please do not edit over our released pages.

Enjoy, and see you Sunday!

Natsume Isaku Valentine’s Assortment: MediaFire / Box

Note: If you only want the pieces from one series and not the other, we’ll be providing separate download links on their respective project pages.

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