As promised, here’s some Natsume for your Sunday: Ameiro Paradox Drop 9!

Only a couple more chapters to wrap up this volume/story arc. We’ll have the next one for you pretty soon — but expect more Heart no Kakurega and He is Beautiful first! These three are our highest-priority projects, and work is progressing well on all of them. We’re steadily rolling toward some endings. Stick with us, and we’ll get ’em done!

Another small announcement: For those who prefer reading online to downloading, we’ve started uploading our work to MangaDex. As reader sites go, this one seems quite scanlator-friendly and well organized, so we’re giving it a shot. We’re working on getting all of Nexus’ work uploaded as well as all GGScans chapters of the projects that we’ve continued as Nexus — including the revised GGScans chapters that we rereleased. This is the only reader site we maintain or upload to, so it’s the only one that definitely has the best, most up-to-date versions of our work. Note that we are not uploading old GGScans work for any projects other than those that we’ve continued at Nexus. Anyone who feels like uploading old GGScans stuff is free to do so, but we won’t be coordinating that.

(And thank you, Thomas, for your uploading efforts!)


  1. Thank you very much! I want to punch that guy! I can’t wait for him to get what he deserves.
    Thank you for mangadex too; I mostly download but I like using this reader from time to time too.

  2. My gosh this manga is so good.
    Thank you so much, Nexus Scans Team for allowing us to be able to enjoy Natsume Isaku’s glorious work!
    I love how protective Kabu is of Onoe!

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