So much Natsume lately! Today it’s Ameiro Paradox Drop 10!

This is a fairly long chapter which wraps up the current story arc. After this, there’s only one more short chapter and an extra remaining in the volume. It won’t be too long before we have those ready for everyone.

In addition to Ameiro volume 4, you can expect to see Heart no Kakurega, He is Beautiful, and Itsumo Ouji-sama ga finished up and moved to the “completed” stack over the next couple of months. Once He is Beautiful is tied up with a bow, some other Tenzen work will be making an appearance. And another project that’s long been collecting dust will be making its comeback…

We’ll also continue to have quite a few Wednesday bonus releases — including one this week. So, happy reading, and see everyone back here on Wednesday!

Ameiro Paradox Drop 10: LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE

  1. Awh…well aren’t you lucky to have Kaburagi around, Onoe!?
    Their relationship is by far one of the best. I love how Kaburagi is doting to Onoe.
    Thank you so much for the update!
    So much Natsume! This is what paradise is like.

  2. You guys are amazing, thanks so much for the release! Also, I tried your mediafire link, but it wasn’t working/said file was missing. The other link worked, though!

  3. thank you veeeeeeeeeeeery much โ™ฅโ™ฅ
    god i pray that the new Tenzen sensei will be her latest work ๏ผˆเน‘โœงโˆ€โœงเน‘๏ผ‰

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