As most of you probably noticed, we had some unexpected website issues that prevented us from releasing this as we’d planned on Wednesday (and Thursday and Friday and…) We’re up and running again, though, so here’s the Kachou Fuugetsu Drama CD 2 Comic!

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that, should our website here ever experience any down time, you can get news and updates on our Google+ Community.

This is also where we insert a reminder to other groups/scanlators that you’re welcome to use our releases to retranslate the text into other languages (no need to ask!), but editing over our released pages is just lazy and rude. The scan provider for this release specifically asks that her scans not be used without permission.

Apologies again for the delay! The next release will be meatier, and we hope to be back to regular weekly releases very soon…

Kachou Fuugetsu Drama CD 2 Comic: MediaFire / Box

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