1. Who are you?

The core/founding members of Nexus are a handful of friendly, manga-obsessed scanlators who met while working at Girls’ Generation Scanlations. When GGS was no longer sustainable, we didn’t want all of its hard work and half-finished projects to go to waste, so we decided to transition to a new group and take the projects we loved with us.

When choosing a name for this group, we wanted to convey our desire to share works that we love and connect other fans with similar tastes to these awesome manga. Thus Nexus Scanlations was formed.

2. What kind of things do you scanlate?

We work on whatever we’re dying to read — which is predominantly Shounen Ai and Yaoi manga, although you’ll see a random sampling of projects from other genres.

You can find our current projects here.

3. How often do you release?

There is no set release schedule. We are a small team, and we’re all working on our own time as school, jobs, family, and other commitments allow. We don’t want to make guarantees to our readers that we might not be able to keep, nor do we want to stress ourselves pointlessly and burn ourselves out by trying to keep up with an unrealistic, self-imposed schedule. That is not the formula for a successful group or for enjoying what we do!

That having been said, our goal is to release at least twice a month. When we’re able to do more, we’ll release more. When we can’t meet our goal, we’ll let you know what’s going on.

4. How can I help you to release faster and/or scanlate more awesome manga that I want to read?

You can:

– Become a team member! We’re recruiting for all positions. No experience required; we offer training for serious, dedicated volunteers. Go to the Recruitment Page to find out how to apply.

– Become a raw provider! Info on this can be found on the Recruitment Page as well.

– Contribute to our expenses! Books, shipping, server hosting, and so forth cost money. We all contribute what we can, of course, but none of us are independently wealthy (yet!).

5. Can I retranslate your projects into another language?

Go right ahead; no need to ask for permission. It would be nice of you to credit us.

To be clear: “Retranslation” does NOT mean taking our released pages and editing on top of them. Don’t be lazy jerks. Find your own scans and do your own work.

We may be able to give you our cleaned files if you have something to trade, e.g. scans for a project we’re working on, typesetting for a couple of chapters, etc..

6. Can I share your releases?

Sure; that’s why we’re doing this! We’d appreciate it if you’d keep our credits pages intact so that readers can find their way to our site for future releases and news.

7. What happened to all of the past GGS projects?

You can find and download all releases here, and refer to this post for information on those projects we had to give away.

[Note: The old GG releases may not all be uploaded yet. If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, let us know and/or keep checking back. We’ll try to get them all handled as soon as we can.]

8. Are you interested in doing a joint project with another group? Or will you work with a freelancer to complete a specific project?

Maybe! Shoot us an email with your proposal. Please let us see a sample of what you’re offering to contribute to the joint (e.g. translating, cleaning, typesetting). If sending a cleaning sample, send it in .psd format with all layers intact.

9. Is there an alternate place where I can find news and information?

Yes! We maintain a Google+ community. Should our website ever experience any unfortunate down time, you can check the Google+ comm for updates. Join and watch regularly to follow our progress, get to know our members, chat about projects, ask general questions, etc.

10. How can I contact you?

You can email us directly at nexus.scanlations@gmail.com.