mnk_v1Mangaka: Shoowa
Genre: Yaoi, Collection of Oneshots, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Length: 1 Volume

One midwinter night, some female prostitutes picked up a child, Kiyohito, in the red light district. He is forced to take clients at age 14; and in two years, he has become the moneymaker of the shop. Resigned to his fate, Kiyohito hides his feelings of love from his physician, the object of his affections.
In addition to this painful love story, this anthology includes four more one-shots for Shoowa’s first Reijin comic release!

Chapter 1: Box / Mega
Chapter 2: Box / MediaFire
Chapter 3: Box / MediaFire
Chapter 4: Box / MediaFire
Chapter 5: Box / MediaFire