mnk_v1Mangaka: Okuyama Puku
Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, School Life
Length: 1 Volume

After attending a new member welcome party for his badminton club, freshman Haruka takes a taxi home with his senpai, the extremely scary-looking Tougo! While everyone else is scared stiff of Tougo, the naturally airheaded Haruka just thinks Tougo is handsome. On the other hand, Tougo, who’s self-conscious about his looks, begins to grow fond of Haruka, who isn’t scared of Tougo at all. Tougo just can’t leave the clumsy Haruka alone, so one day, Tougo tells him, “Go out with me”…?!

Chapters 1-2: Box / Mega (completed by GGScans)
Chapter 3: Box / Mega
Chapter 4: MediaFire
Chapter 5: MediaFire
Extra: MediaFire / Box

Complete Volume: MediaFire / Box