Mangaka: Enzou
Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Length: 2 Volume

Summary: Tatsuo is a makeup artist for fashion photography and is sick and tired of the models fawning over the new hairstylist, Haga. One morning, after he comes across one of the models running out of Haga’s room with tears in her eyes, he decides to have a long talk with Haga about how rude and antisocial he is. That’s when Tatsuo realizes that Haga doesn’t really know how to treat others and doesn’t even have a single friend — until now?

Volume 2 also contains the story of Haga’s older brother, Makoto. Although he appears to be the very picture of the flawless elite at work, due to having grown up with his always-best-at-everything brother, Makoto has quite an inferiority complex. Fortunately, he also happens to have a passionate subordinate who’s determined to love him just the way he is.




Volume 1 Extra Chapter – Onitsuka-Sensei’s Favorite: MediaFire / Box

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*Note: All work completed by GGScans except for Onitsuka-sensei’s Favorite from volume 1.