Mangaka: Yamakami Riyu
Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
Length: 2 Volumes

First-year high school student, Haruki, joins the Astronomy Club to chase after the kind and always-smiling president, Hatayama. Once day, Haruki finds Hatayama napping and spontaneously tries to kiss him. But he’s seen by the club’s vice president, Mochida, who’s a blunt and terrifying senpai!! Even though Mochida is supposed to already have a lover in the Astronomy Club, why does he suddenly kiss Haruki?! Just who is in love with whom here?!

This is the love story of seven boys!


Volume 1
Chapters 1-3: MediaFire (completed by Sweet Lunacy)
Chapter 4 + extra: MediaFire

Volume 2
Full Volume: MediaFire

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The first three chapters were completed by a group that is long, long gone. It’s unlikely that any former members of that group are around these days or would mind us hosting these chapters… but should any of them contact us, we’ll gladly remove the link right away. For now, enjoy both complete volumes — at long last!