Mangaka: Natsume Isaku
Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Length: 2 Volumes

It’s been three years since Himawari lost his parents. One day, feeling particularly annoyed about having to live with his relatives, Himawari finds himself visiting a shrine. He soon learns that it is an unusual shrine with unusual people such as the shady guy, Kaminaga, and the priestess, Maru (who actually is a goddess). Soon, he becomes an acquaintance of this weird crowd and winds up helping them to grant their worshippers’ wishes. While all the time he was working to grant others’ wishes, his wish remained ungranted. However…

Download volume 1 here.

Volume 2

Chapter 5: Box / Mega
Chapter 6: Box / Mega
Chapter 7: Box / Mega
Chapter 8: Box / Mega
Chapter 9: Box / Mega
Extra 1: Box / Mega
Extra 2: Box / Mega