Original Story: Tsukimura Kei
Manga Adaptation: Kinoshita Keiko
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Humor
Length: 1 Volume

Summary: Per a request from his assistant to get his house cleaned, ero manga artist Asahina—nickname Hina—hires a cleaning service. However, the person who shows up is actually Asahina’s beloved Sahara-senpai from his junior high days! Sahara was cool, able to do anything, but was just a bit mean. Hina, who loved that Sahara, made a brave decision. On the day that he was supposed to transfer schools, he confessed! But instead of waiting for a reply from Sahara, he ran away… After that, ten years later – their reunion becomes a nightmare?!

The prince with a gentle face is actually incredibly cruel! ♥






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Chapter 5: MediaFire / Box