Mangaka: Ougi Yuzuha
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Smut
Length: 3 Volumes

Anna Kyouhei is idol group MAXIME’s newest member. Although his charismatic presence is irrefutable, he is still an ex-delinquent-turned-amateur singer with stage fright. Needless to say, he also hasn’t shed his slapdash and unfashionable side. Thus his busy manager, Chiba, asks the group leader, Mari, to watch over Kyouhei. It’s one thing when Mari is caring for and training Kyouhei in a celebrity’s mannerisms, but isn’t it a whole other thing when Mari starts doing the same for Kyouhei’s sex life??

Volume 1: Star☆Right


Chapter 1: MediaFire / Box
Chapter 2: MediaFire / Box
Chapter 3: MediaFire / Box
Chapter 4: MediaFire / Box
Chapter 5:

Volume 2: Star☆Knight

Chapter 1: Box / Mega
Chapter 2: Box / Mega
Chapter 3: Box / Mega
Chapter 4: Box / Mega
Chapter 5: Box / Mega
Extra: Box / Mega