mnk_v1Mangaka: Natsume Isaku
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Length: 4 Chapters


ON HOLD – We’ve carried this project over from our GGScans days. However, we’re a smaller group now, so we’re putting some projects on hold while we focus on finishing what we already have in progress. We’ll get back to them once we have a few other things off our proverbial plate and/or have available staff.

If anyone is interested in helping us to complete this project, do drop us an email. We may be able to get it moving again sooner if we have dedicated people to focus on it.

This project needs a typesetter and could use some cleaning assistance on a couple of chapters as well.

Chapter 1: Box / Mega
Chapter 2: Box / Mega
Chapter 3: Box / Mega
Chapter 4: Box / Mega